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Mass Times in Flores

Are there any Catholic Churches on the Island of Flores? If so, how can I obtain a schedule of Sunday Mass times? Any help you would be able to provide

Continue reading "Mass Times in Flores"

Azores Images of Faial

Some of my Favorite Azores Images of Faial from a Novemeber 2009 trip.

Continue reading "Azores Images of Faial"

Holidays to the Azores

Holidays to the Azores: why you should, and should not go on a vacation to the Azores Islands. The Azores are wonderful but they are not for everyone

Continue reading "Holidays to the Azores"

Azores Sailing

Azores Sailing can be a wonderful experience. You will get a great view of the Island(s), will probably come across whales and dolphins, and will experience a sense of calm. That was my experience!

Continue reading "Azores Sailing"

Flights to the Azores

Flights to the Azores. Because the Azores islands are undiscovered (not overrun by tourists), there are limited direct flights.

Continue reading "Flights to the Azores"

Sata International

Sata International is the main airline offering flights to the Azores. Find out where they depart from here

Continue reading "Sata International"


Discover the Azores and all the reasons we love these beautiful islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean

Continue reading "Azores"

Seaside cliffs at Ferraria

Ferraria - This area is a fairly new development by the government created for recreational and educational purposes. This area has the most diverse types

Continue reading "Seaside cliffs at Ferraria"

The stonehouse

Many years ago when I left this island with my parents searching for a better life, I left something behind that only recently I have come to realize.

Continue reading "The stonehouse"

Electromagnetic sensitivity

Hello, We would like to move to the islands. Maybe Santa Maria. We are looking for an area with poor radiation of mobilphone antennas!! Do you know if

Continue reading "Electromagnetic sensitivity"

Best Time to Travel to Azores

Hi! My fiance and I are getting married in mid March and we both really want to go to the Azores for our honeymoon. Do you suggest going in mid March or

Continue reading "Best Time to Travel to Azores"

Planning in Advance - Retiring from U.S. Military Soon

Hello from USA! I am active duty US military now but will be retiring soon and planning to move to the islands. My children will be in high school and

Continue reading "Planning in Advance - Retiring from U.S. Military Soon"

Azores Wedding Planner & Designer

I'm a professional Wedding Planner, Floral Designer, and Stationery Designer based out of New England in the U. S., and am fluent in both English and Portuguese.

Continue reading "Azores Wedding Planner & Designer"

First time visitor August

Hi! I have 2 weeks to travel in summer and was wondering if you recommend spending all 2 weeks in Azores or do I have time to visit madeira? I have barely

Continue reading "First time visitor August"

Favorite meal everyone should try

Hi Rob, I was thinking today. After 5 years of living here full time, I have decided my favorite meal is the Cozido. There are many excellent traditional

Continue reading "Favorite meal everyone should try "

The Azores Lookout - Miradouro da Santa Iria

The Azores Miradouro da Santa Iria is a beautiful place to visit and take in the coast of Sao Miguel

Continue reading "The Azores Lookout - Miradouro da Santa Iria"

Ponta Delgada

Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel Azores, is a city that is full of history and well worth a visit. The streets are attractive and full of energy.

Continue reading "Ponta Delgada"

Azores Photo Gallery

Azores Photo Gallery - a small sample of the three thousand pics I took on my last vacation to the Azores Islands. More and more are added to the site each month

Continue reading "Azores Photo Gallery"

Car Rental

Do you suggest a car rental for a 4 day visit?

Continue reading "Car Rental"

Enjoying the countryside

Walked up to the top of a hill to a little chapel in Aqua de Pao, the view was breathtaking! Ran into this fellow enjoying his breakfast!

Continue reading "Enjoying the countryside"

Enjoying the countryside

Walked up to the top of a hill to a little chapel in Aqua de Pao, the view was breathtaking! Ran into this fellow enjoying his breakfast!

Continue reading "Enjoying the countryside"

Azores Blog

We took our second trip to the Azores last fall. I kept a blog for our friends and included many photos and descriptions. Check it out:

Continue reading "Azores Blog"

My Birth Home.

I was born in Praia, I lived with my grand parents, my story is to sad for me, because I did not want to leave my home, I live in the U S A and have a

Continue reading "My Birth Home."

Sao Miguel Azores

Sao Miguel Azores is the green island of the acores islands. It is the largest and most populous of the islands and highly recommended for first time visitors

Continue reading "Sao Miguel Azores"

Azores Photos

The Azores Photos collection on Magical Azores Islands are from a variety of sources and is growing constantly. See why the Azores are such an enchanting place

Continue reading "Azores Photos"


Caloura is a favourite spot to visit in Sao Miguel. It is a pretty little fishing village.

Continue reading "Caloura"

postal service

Hi, I have some friends sailing from Burmuda to the Azores and should arrive in roughly 2 weeks. My friend has lost her prescription sunglasses and has

Continue reading "postal service"

Looking for an artist who does whalebone boats

While we were in the azores we met and purchased a whale boat made of ivory. We purchased it from Mr. Alberto Luz. Mr. Luz came to the united states

Continue reading "Looking for an artist who does whalebone boats"

Are there more markets?

Besides the Saturday market in Ponta Delgada are there any other open markets on Sao Miguel? I know of fruit trucks, if you are at the right time and

Continue reading "Are there more markets?"

Pam American

Pictures of A Boing 314 flying boat my da worked for them M.Jacinto Horta fayal Rob's Reply Thanks for sharing!

Continue reading "Pam American"

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