Azores Tourism

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Azores Tourism

Who goes to the Azores?

One of many great things about Azores tourism is that the islands are not over crowded tourist destinations. Tourism is growing on the islands as word gets out about their beauty and the remote, yet accessible location. Despite the natural beauty and short flight, there are still not a large number of tourists going to the islands. So the islands are a great place to go for eco-tourism.

Tourists to the Azores come from all over. But most come from the UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Finland, Mainland Portugal, and North America. European visitors have a fairly short flight to get to this beautiful location that feels quite remote. And the prices are quite reasonable.

Flights to the Azores from North America are longer. From the east coast they are 5-6 hours depending on where the departure is. A lot of tourists from North America are people who immigrated to North America and now return for vacations and to stay in touch with their heritage. I am an example of this, I was born in Canada but my father was an immigrant from Sao Miguel Azores.

Azores Tourism

Who should consider going?

If you are looking for something that is off the beaten track with a great mix of nature and activity then the Azores is for you. Everywhere you go in the Azores there is a view of the ocean, mountains with lush green vegetation and parks full of flowers and a diverse mix of trees. The geography of the islands allows many opportunities for activities on land and on water. On land there is some excellent hiking, horseback riding, cycling, climbing, golfing and a lot of exploring to do. At the water there are natural swimming pools and beaches to enjoy swimming or surfing at. And out on the water there is a lot to do as well: sailing; whale watching; deep sea fishing and diving.

Azores Tourism

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Azores Tourism

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