How do you describe the Azores Islands?

The Azores Islands are best described in one word: magical.

They are not magical in the sense of the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World! They are thousands of miles away from that hustle and bustle. And they are an entirely different kind of magic. It is the kind of magic that only mother nature can create. Volcanic eruptions over thousands of years have served to create an Archipelago of unique islands in the Atlantic Ocean.

These islands remain a largely undiscovered gem in the middle of Atlantic Ocean. They are not over run by tourists and maintain an old world charm.

I first discovered the Azores when I was still a teenager in the late 1980's. I traveled there with my father and mother and immediately came to love the unique characteristics of the islands. I have been to the Acores many times and each time I have been amazed by the beauty.

So how did I find the Azores?

The Azores Islands, from a sailboat

My dad, Joe, immigrated to Canada with his parents, brothers and sisters in 1958. He never returned until the 1980's when he went over with my mom. A few years later I went over for my first trip to the Islands with mom and dad.

I was captivated by the view of the Atlantic Ocean from everywhere on the island. I loved the seemingly ancient cobblestone streets, unique buildings with tile roofs, the rugged landscape created by volcanic eruptions (the volcanoes are still active), the copious amount of green vegetation, and the star filled night skies.

And I still remember the first time I saw the Calderas in Furnas. Seeing the ground continuously boiling was beyond my belief. It made me a little nervous to tell you the truth!

This was the first of many fantastic trips that I took to the Islands.

Each trip that I have gone on has been a new experience. It never gets old since there is so much to see and do. Once you've read this page, please read more about why I love the Azores Islands

And now I want to share the Azores with you!

My extended family now accounts for at least a hundred Acores Vacations. Together we have explored the islands. I am building this website so that we can share our experiences with you.

We have climbed the mountainous terrain and hiked on the volcano's craters.

We have lounged on the beaches and snorkeled in Ocean.

We have explored the villages and towns. We have sampled the wines and tried the restaurants and cafes.

The result?

Azores Islands, Furnas lookout in San Miguel Each of us have hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of these magical islands. Pictures of places like this Acores Island lookout in San Miguel.

This picture is taken from the rim of one of the volcanic craters on the islands. And yes, that's a village down below. Quite a nice little town with a great hotel, nice park and lots of interesting sites including the calderas I mentioned already.

These Islands have so much to offer:

  • Great views where ever you go

  • hiking: around volcanic craters, along the coastline, through farmers fields, and all kinds of unique spots

  • Beaches: the popular ones and the cosy secluded ones

  • Festivals: There sure are plenty of festivals on these islands

  • Scuba diving and snorkeling

  • Sailing: A fantastic way to see the Islands (and dolphins and whales)

  • Whale and Dolphin watching

  • Golf and Tennis

  • Horseback Riding

  • Fishing

  • Shopping (don't worry, we'll tell you where to find the shops!)

  • ... and so much more!

I will be writing about my experiences and inviting my extended family to contribute as well. Please let me keep you up to date on that by subscribing my monthly Magical Azores Islands Newsletter (click here to go to subscription page).

Thanks for your interest!

Rob Belchior (your unofficial guide to the Acores!)

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Quinta Das Acacias Vacation Cottage

Picture taken at Quinta das Acacias - a highly recommended accommodation. Read more at: Accommodation in Azores

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