Portugal Azores and Madeira - useful links

I put this page to together to help if you are looking for information about Portugal Azores and Madeira. The Magical-Azores-Islands.com site is focused primarily on the Azores but you might also be interested in Madeira or the mainland of Portugal (especially Lisbon and the Algarve). Or maybe you want information about other European travel destinations?

So when I find useful links about Portugal or interesting travel sites I will put them here for your convenience. I can not vouch for any of them. So please use common sense and your own judgment if you choose to deal with any of these sites. I do hope they help!


Madeira Online - a directory for Madeira and Porto Santo Islands

Lisbon, the Capital of Portugal

Lisbon Inspiration City Guide - Insider Information on a great, vibrant city and wonderful surrounding Beaches.


I have found a few really useful sites about Europe and have place them in a Europe Directory

General Travel

TravelMoz.com - links to Travel directory resources and information websites.

Accommodation and Travel .com

travel directory

Welcome to the niche travel site. Check out our niche accommodation in Australia. category.

Travel Directory

Travel Guide for Addict Travellers

Free Travel Directory
Aloki-travel.com is a free online directory of the travel related sites. Free submission.

GreatVille Travel Directory - comprehensive travel resources.

Guiding Stars

Travel Web Directory

JS Travel Directory

Travel Listings Online

Free Travel Directory

Travel Angle

Travel Network Directory


Magical-Azores-Islands.com - visit the Magical Azores Islands homepage for links and information about the Azores Islands.

And please let me keep you up to date on the sites progress by subscribing to my newsletter about the Azores.

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