Azores Corvo Island - Home of Europe's Smallest Town.

Corvo Island is the most western point of all of Europe. It is a remote Island that is so far west that it is actually on the North American continental shelf. It is also a very tiny island with a length of 6.5 kilometres and a maximum width of 4 kilometers. The closest Azores Island is Flores (about 24 kilometres). The only town, Vila Nova, is the smallest town in all of Europe. The population of the entire island is well under 500 people!

You can only get there on a small boat from Flores or by a small airplane (because the airport is tiny) from Flores or Faial! So you can see that this Island is a place to go if you truly want to "get away from it all". You will feel like a small speck on the ocean if you visit this tiny Azores island. And you will appreciate a much slower, simpler life than most of us live these days. That is true of all of the Azores Islands, but especially true here.

The island features a Caldeira that is located on Monte Gordo. The Caldeira is the crater of a volcano and it has two lakes in it among a variety of fields. The crater has a 3.7 kilometer perimeter. So you can imagine how dominant this is on the tiny island. The crater is 300 metres deep and there is a paved road from Vila Nova to the crater making it quite accessible.

The highest point on the island is Morro dos Homens. This mountain is 718 metres tall.

If you visit this Island I hope you enjoy your step back in time.

Please have a look at these pictures of Corvo Island and get a real sense of how small the island is by looking at this Map

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