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by angela fazey
(Gloucester, UK)

Hi, I have some friends sailing from Burmuda to the Azores and should arrive in roughly 2 weeks. My friend has lost her prescription sunglasses and has asked me to send a spare pair. She is very short sighted and will be struggling to see. She didnt tell me which island she is likely to sail to before we lost signal.
On the basis that if i get it wrong they can sail to whereever i have sent the parcel, the question is, where would a small yacht be most likely to stay. Is there a good marina for small craft?
Do you know what address I would use to send a parcel to be collected?
I would be very grateful for your help.
Your web site looks wonderful and I have listed this on my places I must visit.
Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to offer.

Rob's reply: Hi Angela,

I get the most interesting questions on this site. I would bet that they are heading to the island of Faial. The main city is Horta with an excellent Marina. There is a famous bar across the street called "Peter Café Sport". They might be willing to receive the glasses and hold them for your friend. Check out their website at:

There are nine islands, the other one that is likely is Sao Miguel, and the port of Ponta Delgada or Vila Franca do Campo.

I will try to see if some online contacts can offer more guidance here by posting this to @

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