Seaside cliffs at Ferraria

by John Mota
(Fairhaven, MA)

Seaside cliffs at Ferraria, Sao Miguel

Seaside cliffs at Ferraria, Sao Miguel

Ferraria - This area is a fairly new development by the government created for recreational and educational purposes. This area has the most diverse types of lava flows and volcanic features than any other area of the island. Pyroclastic vents, new vs. old lava flow, etc.. There's a really steep winding road to get there and back, but it's definitely worth the trip. Such amazing natural beauty and scenery. If you like to watch crashing waves, or try and take a dive into the natural pools created by the lava flows this is the place. The sound of the waves here can be deafening!

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Mar 24, 2017
by: Rob

Great spot and nice picture! Thanks for sharing.

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