Azores Images of Faial

This page shows a few of my favourite Azores Images from Faial. All of these photos were taken by me on a couple of short trips to the island.

Nearly half of Faial's population emigrated from the island in 1957-58 during the volcanic eruption. Many never returned and as a result there are a lot interesting properties like this one:

This next one was taken from the gate of a cottage that I stayed at for three nights in Praia do Norte. I loved standing in that spot. I did so one cool morning enjoying a hot coffee while the cool mist of the ocean sprayed my face.

Read more about it at Faial Accomodation in Azores

Have you ever taken a photo out of the window of a plane? This is one of my attempts and I really like how it turned out. It shows Monte da Guia in front of the city of Horta

Read more about the area at Horta

One of the two best beaches that I saw was at Praia do Almoxarife. It has a long sandy stretch at one end and a long rocky stretch at the other end. It was a great day for taking pictures.

Praia do Almoxarife

Read more about the area at Praia do Almoxarife

Azores Images Faial Bridge

And then there is the marina in Horta. Tradition dictates that each boats crew must do a painting in the marina before departing or be faced with bad luck. There are thousands of paintings all across the marina from all over the world. It was fun to look at them and see all the different countries represented. This is a small sample


And then there is the Capelinhos area. This is the site of the last Azorean volcanic eruption in 1957-58. The landscape is barren and stunning. I highly recommend a visit

Azores Images Faial Capelinhos

Read more about the area at Capelinhos

Faial has several old windmills that have been well preserved. Like this one

There are great views of Sao Jorge and Pico from Faial. Bright sunny days are perfect for capturing Azores Images like this one of Sao Jorge. Unfortunately it was November so most days were overcast.

The other beach that is one of the two best is Praia do Norte. The beach has a steep cliff behind it with waterfalls, especially after a rainfall. I have seen better pictures of the area and regret I could not do it justice. Here is my best effort:

Praia do Norte

Honourable Mention for my Top (Personal Favourites) Azores Images in Faial

I have several images that are better than these, but these two are among my favourites. Not for their beauty, just because I like them!

The first honourable mention goes to a cow. The cow gave me a look full of meaning. What the meaning was is up for debate. But there was something in the cows look at me that made me take the picture.

Faial Azores Cow

And this one was a simple experiment. I sometimes see pictures like this in peoples living rooms. Maybe I can make my fortune with this picture?? (I am kidding of course)

Azores Images Rocks

I hope you have enjoyed this assortment of images from Faial. I enjoyed taking them.

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