Why You Should, And Should Not, Go On Holidays To The Azores

I love going on holidays to the Azores. But I don't go there every single vacation. It depends on what I am looking for in my vacation.

You are reading this site wondering if you should spend your hard earned dollars on an Azores vacation. So I thought I would share the reasons that you should, and should not, take a vacation to the Azores.

Why You Should Go On Holidays To The Azores

  • You want to go somewhere unique, remote and beautiful
  • You want a chance for some peace and some quiet meditation
  • You love seeing the ocean
  • The idea of seeing current geo thermal activity and old volcanic activity (ie lava tubes, lava rock, craters) is of interest
  • You want to try some of the best Dolphin and Whale Watching in the world (summer months are best)
  • an "old world" atmosphere is appealing to you (ie little villages with cobblestone streets, seeing the farm life)
  • You like wine and cheese (at a great price)
  • You like seafood at a great price(there are other options too)
  • you want to go hiking or birdwatching
  • Lush green scenery and a flower covered landscape interests you
  • You want to go sailing or deep sea fishing
  • Exploring little villages sounds good
  • You want to go SCUBA diving
  • You have a sense of adventure and like to explore new spots
  • Every day is a good day for golf
  • You are not in a hurry - the Azoreans live a slower paced life than I am accustomed to

If you are interested in a trip to the Azores, click this image to see some options:

São Miguel Island - Express Package

Why You Should Not Go On Holidays To The Azores

  • You are looking for a heat wave so you can soak up the sun (this is not the Caribbean and only the summer months get hot)
  • You want a lot of commercial places to visit (i.e. a high end mall)
  • You can't afford a rental car. A car is essential to see the Islands - unless you plan to hike, bicycle, rely on buses, or stay in one of the more populous cities
  • You want to go night clubbing in a high end club
  • You don't like any rain or fog while on vacation - there is almost always some rainy or foggy weather on the Azores
  • You are looking for an all inclusive resort experience

The Azores

So there you have it ... a few reasons why you should and should not go to the Azores. I love going there and bet you will too. You just need a good idea of what to expect so you go understanding what the islands have to offer (and more importantly what they do not have to offer).

Click this image to check out trip options

São Miguel Island - Express Package

Visit about the Azores for more information that will help you decide if you should go or not.

Go to www.magical-azores-islands.com for more information on Holidays to the Azores

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