Caloura, Sao Miguel, Azores

It seems that every time I go to Sao Miguel, I stop at Caloura to enjoy the pretty scenery of the area. It is a nice seaside fishing village with great views, a secluded beach, and natural swimming pool that is very popular with the local kids.

While I hope you enjoy these pictures, I must say that pictures are not nearly as good as seeing and experiencing the Azores in person.

This first image is my favourite view, from Miradoura Pisao

I like the view so much that I have included two more pictures of the area from the lookout just past Agua de Pau. It is a great Miradouro (Pisao) to stop at. Just below it is the natural swimming pool and the fishing port. And if you look one way you can see just about all of the area and the other way you can see the Villa Franca islet and the beach in front of Bahia Palace hotel.

Geographically it is quite close to Agua de Pau between the cities of Lagoa and Villa Franca Do Campo. It is located right down at the ocean with cliffs behind it and properties on various levels up and down the steep hill up to Agua de Pau.

The village has quite a bit of history, most obvious is this Convent and Chapel built in the 16th century

The Beach at Caloura

The beach is accessible by a tall staircase that is carved into a cliff. The cliff makes this beach quite secluded.

Caloura Beach Azores

Pictures by the Port

Caloura Sunset


I took these sunset pictures just before stopping for some evening refreshments with friends in a restaurant overlooking the ocean near the port. It was quite a nice December day for an evening out in Sao Miguel.

The area features a nice restaurant by the port and a popular hotel closer to the beach

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