The Azores Islands are a remote, rugged archipelago of volcanic origin that have a wonderful mix of old European towns, vivid green landscapes, and incredible ocean views.

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The Atlantic Ocean location surrounds these islands and is the only sight you can see when looking off the coast. The remote location creates a feeling of solitude. Mixing the solitude with the beautiful flowers, charming towns, and rugged volcanic features, one gets a sense of peace when visiting the Azores Islands.

Many people describe the islands as a special, or even magical place.  Magical is the word used by many to describe the feeling of staying on any of the nine Azores Islands.  And it was that feeling that gave inspiration for the name of this website.

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Why are the Acores so loved?  It's the experience of being there. An experience that is the culmination of many special things. From the power of the volcanoes that created these little specks in the ocean, and the force of the surrounding ocean (take a look at the next picture!). It's also meeting the people who have persevered over centuries to make the islands a comfortable place to live and visit. To the moderate climate that allows trees, plants and flowers to thrive. And then there is the wildlife and abundant marine life.

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There are also many options for fun here as well. Like beaches good for swimming, sunbathing or even championship calibre surfing. Pictured next is a spot just beside Santa Barbara Beach where the European Surfing Championships were held. There is a little bar right here and other amenities to make the visit a pleasant one

What I Love About The Azores Islands

These are a few of the things I love about the Azores (and make sure to see the bottom of the page to see what others have said):


This is one place where you really can find solitude. Being thousands of miles from any continent makes these islands seem tiny. It allows you to slow down and focus on the beauty of the ocean against the sharp features created by the volcanic eruptions and softened by the vibrant vegetation.  In most areas of the islands there is a quiet rural feeling.

The nice thing here is that you can also find opportunities for fun, socializing and activity when you want it.

Photo above by P. Belchior. See more about Terra Nostra Park

Photo above by Miranda

Photo above by P. Belchior. See more about Lagoa do Fogo, Sao Miguel


There is much to see and do in the Azores. Especially if you like nature. There are whale watching trips, sailing, beaches, hikes, golfing, horseback riding, canyoning, cave exploration, fishing, mountain biking and so much more.

There are also numerous festivals with long traditions. Azorean people like a good party!

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Flowers of all types seem to thrive here. Huge hydrangeas line roads. Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Ginger plants are abundant too. Several species of trees are common across the islands. And there is a great variety of flowers and trees to make things interesting. See a sample of a few Flowers

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Photo above by Miranda

These flowers and trees soften the rugged mountain terrain and create a vibrant mix of green and blue, often as far as the eye can see. 

The rugged, mountainous terrain allows for many interesting and appealing features, and incredible cliff side views.

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First discovered around 1427, and settled shortly after, the islands have a rich history. For centuries the islands were a critical stopping point for transatlantic voyages.  And the islands have architecture with influence not only from Portugal, but also of Spanish and Flemish origins as well. 

When you visit any town in the islands you will undoubtedly find centuries old cobblestone streets and important buildings that are hundreds of years old.

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Thanks to the gulf stream reaching the location the islands experience comfortable, moderate weather all year round.  The summer is the hottest and sunniest, the winter is the wettest and cloudiest.  But it's rarely too hot or cold (never freezing temperatures).


With a fresh sea breeze and beautiful surroundings, you can't help but feel energized. With so many opportunities to get exercise by enjoying the nature of the area, you will certainly feel alive when visiting.

Simple Pleasures:

With the incredible natural surroundings, and a predominately laid back, rural lifestyle, there are so many simple pleasures to take in.  Like relaxing in a natural hot spring. Or enjoying the local cheese with a fresh baked bun. Relaxing in one of the numerous streetside cafes. Having a picnic at a scenic lookout. Enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Finding time to read a book. People watching in the local town square. And just wait til the evening when the stars fill the night sky.

I could go on and on. But I'd love to hear why you love the Azores:

Why do you love the Azores

Do you love the Azores? Share why you do!

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