Magical and relaxing

by Maria
(Toronto, Canada)

This spring we were looking for a place to go on vacation (every year my husband and I visit one place we never been before). We knew we wanted to go to Portugal one day but we were not sure where. We were thinking of visiting Portugal last year but we ended up going to Switzerland instead.

In april this year, we went to Cancun for our daughter's wedding and there we met a portuguese couple. We mentioned that we wanted to go to Portugal and they both said "go to the Azores!".

We started researching about it and we ended up in your web page. The passion you write about the Azores and all the amazing pictures you posted convinced us to come here.

We are here at the moment (in Sao Miguel) and let me tell you, I fell in love with this place the moment I got off the plane, it's so magical and relaxing, not to mention the great food.

The first day we went to Ribiera Grande (map on hand) and after that we have gone to different places without a map, it's so much more fun getting "lost" to where we are going, because it give us the opportunity to see more.

Today, we went to Ferreira, and even thou I suffer from vertigo we had such a great and amazing time. I have never seen hot spring waters right in the ocean. We are going back at least one more time before we go back to Toronto.

I am glad we came for two weeks, there is so much to see and visit, we may have to come back again!

I'll write another post when I go back to Toronto to tell you about the great time we are having here.

Thank you so much for all the info!

Reply From Rob
Hello Maria,

Thank you for your note and kind words! You made my day. Glad to hear you are having a great trip and I look forward to hearing more when you return home.

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