Azores Flowers

There are many wonderful Azores flowers. They are abundant across all of the islands. This is a tiny sample:

This flat hydrangea isn't found as often as the regular hydrangeas on the islands, but it sure is pretty to see: Flat Hydrangea

Cactus seem to do very well in the rocky coastines where many other plants can't seem to get established. They grow quite large and have attractive blooms: Azores Cactus

I don't know what they are called, but I sure love these pretty blue flowers:

Blue Flower in Azores

And this pink isn't so bad to look at either (yes, I'm a true botanist! Maybe someday I'll get all the names for these lovely plants): Pink Flower in Azores

Terra Nostra park, located in Furnas on Sao Miguel, has a number of ponds with water lilies. The lilies flower in many different colours, this red one really caught my interest: Red Water Lily

Also in Terra Nostra Park are a lot of the hydrangeas that thrive all across the island. This picture isn't as sharp as I'd like, but it gives an idea of a hill full of hydrangeas with a gazebo at the top: Terra Nostra Park

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