Azores Mountain Biking

The Azores offers fantastic mountain biking and cycling opportunities.

First, I would like to thank Ricardo Marques for some information and permission to use the wonderful photos on this page. Note that many are by Cristina Silva Sky. So thanks to Cristina as well.

mountain biking at Lagoa do Fogo

There are varying levels of terrain, and therefore varying levels of skill required to mountain bike in the Acores. Some areas would only be suitable for experienced mountain bikers. While others could be tackled by less experienced  bikers.

The area pictured first is Lagoa do Fogo in Sao Miguel. The next few pictures are from there as well. It is a protected natural reserve formed by a dormant volcano. I enjoy visiting there (look for a clear day as it often fogs or clouds over due to the elevation) and have hiked in the area but never biked.

Cathedral trail
Lagoa do Fogo biking

I believe that the trial pictured in the first three pictures above is known as the cathedral trail. It offers spectacular views of the crater and of the coast from varying points.

The next area pictured is also in San Miguel and is known as Pico dos Bodes. I am not sure that it is an official trail.

Pico dos Bodes

Mountain Biking in Santa Maria

Other Acores Biking Pictures

Azores mountain biking
Trail Ride, sao Miguel
Tronqueira, Sao Miguel

I believe the photo above is from Tronqueira. I have driven this road and it's quite beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed these pictures, courtesy of Cristina Silva Sky and Ricardo Marques. To see more by Ricardo and Cristina, check out these two pages:  and

Please read more on the Acores here and at

Oh, by the way, are you wondering what the quality of road cycling is here? Aside from in the narrow city streets, and old cobblestone streets, there are great quality asphalt roads to check out. Like this one here (I don't encourage riding on the wrong side of the road though!):

Cycling in the Azores
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