10 Reasons to love the Azores

by Natercia

There isn't enough space on here to write all of the wonderful things about the azores. But here are just 10 that i can think of ...

1. The beautiful landscapes
2. The cobble stone streets
3. The traditional way of life
4. The balance of new technology and the old way of doing things
5. The preservation of the azores bulfinch that only exists in nordeste in all of the earth
6. The belief of the healing powers of furnas
7. The fact that cows will always make you stop and enjoy a moment as they take their sweet time crossing the street
8. The tradition of everyone on the street coming out and making the "tapetes" for the processions and then being the first one to walk it
9. Eating ora├žais
10. Sitting with my grandmother in the evening drinking tea and eating biscoitos while watching telenovelas

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