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For all of the times I have visited Sao Miguel Azores Beaches, it never occurred to me that most of them I don't know by name! I usually say something like: "let's go to the beach near Ribeira Quente"; Or "why don't we go to that secluded little beach in Caloura?". I finally realized my gap in knowledge when I decided to write this page.

When I started doing research for the names of these Azores beaches I realized why I never refer to them by name. Most of the maps do not list their names and for a long time most of the beaches did not have signs. Thankfully one of my eight maps of Sao Miguel Azores actually has some of their names. So in most cases I can give you their proper names, along with a short description, location and a picture.

Vila Franca do Campo

Just East of Vila Franca one will find the beach called Praia da Vinha da Areia.

Praia da Vinha da Areia

This beach is right by the marina and hotel and features a waterpark right by the beach called Atlantic Splash. Read more about Vila Franca do Campo

Praia de Agua de Alto

I think!

Praia de Agua de Alto

My sister stayed at the pink hotel in the background for her honeymoon some years ago (I don't want to date her by saying when exactly!). On most maps this beach will be close to the town of Ribeira Cha on the south side of the island. It is a long and sandy beach.

Mosteiros Beach

That's me walking the beach on a cooler day. Thanks to Pat Belchior for the picture

Sorry no official name for this one! It's that beach in Mosteiros. Possibly called Praia de Mosteiros, but I wouldn't bet on it. It is a little beach in the village of Mosteiros located on the west side of the island. The view is quite nice and it is quite rocky in places. I would not recommend surfing here as there are a lot of rocks right where you would surf.

Praia de Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara Beach in Sao Miguel Azores

Santa Barbara beach is on the north coast of Sao Miguel. This is one of the longest sandy Azores beaches and it is very popular with surfers. There were several surfers out at the beach on the December day when I took this picture. As nice as this beach is, it's tough to find. Most maps don't show it. It is just outside of Ribeira Grande near Ribeira Seca.

Praia dos Moinhos

Praia dos Moinhos - Azores Beach

This beach is located at Porto Formosa on the North side of the island. It's very sandy and set in an attractive location. The only downside is parking. The hot summer day when I took this picture I couldn't get a parking spot!

Praia da Amora

Amora Beach
Photo Courtesy of Pastor John Rodli

Amora beach is located between Ponta Garca and Ribeira Quente. It is only accessible while on a hike from Ponta Garca to Ribeira Quente or vice versa.

Ribeira Quente

The Beach at Ribeira Quente

I didn't know what the name of the beach at Ribeira Quente until a visitor to the site sent me a note. He said: "The beach at Ribeira Quente is called Praia do Fogo ("Fire Beach") due to some hot springs below the surface of the water at low tide"

The beach is located right in town and that it is a long and quite sandy beach. I have gone swimming there on more than one occasion. You can find Ribeira Quente on the south side of Sao Miguel, not too far from Furnas.

Populo Beach

Populo Beach in Sao Miguel Azores

Populo Beach is in Sao Roque and near Livramento on the south side of the island. There are actually two beaches only 100 meters (or so) apart. Both are soft and sandy with plenty of room. The other beach is Praia das Melícias

Lagoa Beach

Lagoa Beach

If you are in Lagoa during the summer, you will find that this little beach is quite popular with the locals. Lagoa is on the south side of the island and is on all maps of the island.

Caloura Beach

Caloura Beach in the Azores

Located in the fishing village of Caloura has a beautiful secluded beach. Caloura is located between Lagoa and Agua de Pau. This beach is called Praia Baixa da Areia ("Beach of the Sand Shallows")

Ribeira das Tainhas

Ribeira das Tainhas

More at Ribeira das Tainhas

Praia dos Santos, Sao Roque

Praia dos Santos, Sao Roque
Photo Courtesy of Miranda - taken in bad lighting

There's still a few I left out, including a little one in Povacao, among others.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the pictures of these Azores beaches. I recommend visiting any one of them on a vacation when the weather is warmer in June to September.

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Thanks to Mike O'Doherty, from Lübeck Germany for providing a few names of beaches.

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