Azores Islands Pictures

The Azores Islands are a fantastic spot for taking pictures. This page shows some of my favourite views from a couple of recent trips. I hope you enjoy them.

Sao Miguel Azores Views

A view of the Furnas area in Sao Miguel:

View of Furnas

This is a view towards the Vila Franca do Campo area from a lookout above Caloura

View towards Vila Franca

At the same lookout, looking the other way towards Caloura:Caloura

Picture overlooking Caloura

And speaking of Vila Franca, this is a view from the Vila Franca islet towards Sao Miguel island

View from Vila Franca Islet

A view towards the Ocean from the Seven Cities Crater

Azores Views

At the Sossego lookout in Sao Miguel

View from the Sossego lookout in Sao Miguel

After visiting Lagoa do Fogo I was treated with this view driving down from above Lagoa do Fogo. It was great being above the clouds

A view above the clouds near Lago do Fogo

At the Santa Iria lookout:

From the Santa Iria lookout in Sao Miguel

A view while visiting the coast in the Lagoa area

Azores Tourism

A view of Sao Miguel from Quinta das Acacias (A recommended Accommodation in Azores)

Sao Miguel from Quinta das Acacias

A Couple of Shots From Pico

At a lookout above Sao Roque do Pico:

A lookout towards Sao Roque do Pico

Another view of Pico:

A view of Pico Azores

Read more about Pico Azores

Faial Pictures

Faial is the spot of the last volcanic eruption in the Azores. This next picture shows new land that was created in the 1957-58 eruption and old lava flows in foreground at Capelinhos

See the old lava flows

This is a view from the rooftop Terrace of a cottage in Faja, Faial

At Faja in Faial

Read more about it at Faial Accommodation in Azores

Faial is a great place to view the island of Pico:View of Pico from Faial

The Azores Islands offer so many opportunities for a photographer.

I am not a photographer and just have a basic digital camera, but I do have fun taking pictures! To see more of my pictures, and pictures contributed by friends, family and visitors to the site, please visit these pages:

Azores Photo Gallery
Azores Photos

Do you have photos from the Azores?

Please share them at Your Azores Photos

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