Azores Pictures at Lagoa do Fogo

These Azores Pictures at Lagoa do Fogo were taken on a cooler, windy, winter day in Sao Miguel. Cool being about 14 degrees Celsius.

Lagoa do Fogo is a great place to visit at any time of the year. The key is to find a day where the mountain is not cloud covered and drive up then to get the best views. Here's a picture of me visiting Lagoa do Fogo on that cool, windy, winter day:

me Lagoa do Fogo
Photo Courtesy of P. Belchior

And here's a picture I took:

At Lagoa do Fogo

The two pictures above were taken at a lower lookout which offers a great view and is the place to start from if you would like to hike down.

Lagoa do Fogo lookout

Pictures Above the Clouds at Lagoa do Fogo

At the highest point above Lagoa do Fogo, I turned towards the ocean side instead of the lake, and got these pictures that I really like:

Above the clouds in Sao Miguel at Lagoa do Fogo

Cows above the clouds by Lagoa do Fogo

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