Pico Azores Map

The Pico Azores Map on this page will let you explore where the cities and towns of Pico Island are located. The island is small enough that it is possible to drive around in one day, but I wouldn't recommend it. Sure, you get a glimpse of the highlights of the island, but you can't possibly take it all in and get a true sense of any of the Azores Islands in just one day. Pico, like all of the islands, is meant to be savored.

This Map of Pico Azores is easy to use so you can explore the island. Simply use the tools on the upper left corner of the map to zoom in or out and to move up, down, left or right.

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Notable areas of Pico include:

  • Criacao Velha - The location of the very interesting and notable Pico Azores Vineyards
  • Sao Roque
  • Madalena
  • Lajes

Wondering where Pico is? The island is in the central group of the Azores. The map shows where it is in relation to the other islands in the central group

Azores Map Central Group> <br> <br clear=Courtesy of Wikipedia

And to see a map of all of the islands, go to Azores Map

Read more about Pico Azores or go to the Magical Azores Islands home page for lots of information about all of the Azores Islands

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