Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Paz

The Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Paz offers wonderful views over Vila Franca do Campo and the surrounding countryside. The church itself has a lot to take in, including beautiful ceramics depicting religious scenes.

View up Towards Chapel
Nossa Senhora da Paz

View Behind Cross on Hill Towards Islet
view of Vila Franca do Campo Islet from Nossa Senhora da Paz

A Close Up of The Front of The Church
Nossa Senhora da Paz, Vila Franca do Campo

At The Side of Nossa Senhora da Paz
Nossa Senhora da Paz side view

A View of The Country Side Around The Chapel
Sao Miguel Azores countryside around Nossa Senhora da Paz

There Are Many Beautiful Ceramic Displays to Take In
Nossa Senhora da Paz ceramics

Vila Franca do Campo

Take a look at some pictures of the island in the background at this page: Ilheu de Vila Franca do Campo

More about Sao Miguel Azores.

Top of Page Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Paz

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