Azores Photos of the Ocean

This set of Azores Photos features some beautiful images of the ocean.

One of many things I love about the Azores is the view of the ocean everywhere you go. Seeing the ocean is obviously not unique to the Azores. But when you are on any one of the islands you see the ocean from everywhere and know that you are on a tiny speck of land in the vast sea. I really can't express it properly. I encourage you to see the Acores for yourself. Then you will feel what I would like to convey.

The Sunset at Mosteiros

Sunset at Mosteiros, San Miguel><br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

Read about the area and see some pictures of Mosteiros

Bico Whales in the Azores Ocean

Bico Whales in the Azores> <br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

Clouds over the Ocean

Clouds and Ocean in the Azores> <br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

The Ocean Meets the Coast

The Ocean and the Coast> <br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

Hot Spring in the Ocean

Would you believe that there is a hot spring in the Ocean? The water in this popular swimming hole is as hot as 28 degrees Celsius. 28 degrees in the Ocean!

A hot spring in the Ocean> <br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

Read more about this hot spring and see more pictures at: Ponta da Ferraria

The Ocean Crashes into the Jagged Lava Rock

Waves hitting the jagged coast> <br> <br clear=
Photo by MR A Photography

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