Ponta Delgada at Night

Ponta Delgada Azores

Ponta Delgada is a good spot to go in the evening if you are looking for something to do and a bit of night life.  

For the most part, the Azores Islands, including Sao Miguel, do not offer a large variety of nightlife.  That said the larger towns will generally have often attract some people, especially in the summer and when festivals or other celebrations are on.

After a day of relaxing at the beach, or touring around the island, or participating in some other activity like golf or sailing, I always enjoy visiting Ponta Delgada for the evening. On an evening with nice weather there are many patios open and a good mix of tourists and locals will be out enjoying the evening.

There are three key areas where people congregate on patios. The first, which has several pictures on this page is easy to recognize and find. It's a big patio located behind the arches visible at the waterfront. On the night when these pictures were taken, there was a two man band singing some cover tunes that were well received. The second area, is along the Avenue itself. And the third area is right on the water, where the marina is and where cruise ships dock. This third area is known as Portas do Mar and features quite a number of restaurants that are usually open late.  You can also find a bowling alley here.

Ponta Delgada Sao Miguel Azores
Azores, Sao Miguel
Ponta Delgada Azores

Another area that might offer some night time entertainment in Ponta Delgada is across the avenue from the fort. There are often celebrations here. Some of the pictures here are from a fun evening in the square. There were a number of vendors, food and beverage kiosks, games, music and a lot of people out for a fun night. I think this is one of my dad’s favourite things to do in Sao Miguel. He loves having a Milicada (kind of like a sugary donut) and loves it when he beats me at a game of Foosball. I have to give him credit, he’s good at foosball!

foosball in Sao Miguel
Ponta Delgada square
Ponta Delgada festival

A Couple More Pictures

Ponta Delgada church
Azores church in Ponta Delgada

You can take a look at more pictures from Ponta Delgada here, and read more at this page as well.

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And please read more about the island of Sao Miguel. It's probably the island that you will discover first.

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