Azores Photos of Ponta Delgada

These Azores Photos of Ponta Delgada have been provided by MR A Photography. This is a great city to spend some time in when you are in Sao Miguel Azores. It is the capital of the Azores and it has a history going back well over 500 years.

Most of the roads are cobblestone and very charming, except along the avenue which is more modern to handle more traffic. The avenue is along the harbour and there is a pretty boardwalk that is great to walk along. It is great for viewing the marina, stopping in at shops and restaurants as well as for people watching. Here is a great picture taken at night of the waterfront:

Ponta Delgada at night
Photo by MR A Photography

This is a picture from a different angle during the day. The clouds were really rolling in but you can get a sense of how nice it is.

Ponta Delgada Boardwalk
Photo by MR A Photography

Near the water front is a city gate with old buildings around it. This is one of them:

Ponta Delgada building
Photo by MR A Photography

Further into the city there are several parks to explore. Most are behind walls but are accessible to the public through interesting gates like the one pictured below. This park has a lot if interesting trees. You can see one just past the gate, it is very interesting with huge roots everywhere.

Ponta Delgada gate
Photo by MR A Photography

Sorry, no more pictures of the parks. I have to save some things for you to see for yourself!

I love the Azores at night. Whether it is in the countryside, on a beach, or in town it does not matter. There is a wonderful feeling in the air on an Azores evening. This next night photo of Ponta Delgada was taken at a festival that occurs in August. The whole square was lit up and there was lots to see and do. It is very pretty to be there.

Ponta Delgada square at night
Photo by MR A Photography

You can see in this picture that the streets are quite narrow in the city. And most of the buildings share common walls. Window boxes and plants on balcony's are quite common.

Ponta Delgada street
Photo by MR A Photography

Here's some nice window boxes

Ponta Delgada flowers in window boxes
Photo by MR A Photography

These photos give you a small glimpse of Ponta Delgada, the capital of Sao Miguel Azores.

There are lots more Azores Photos on the site. I hope you enjoy them!

Thanks for viewing these Azores Photos!

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