November visit - weather question

by Robert
(Vancouver BC)

Hello Rob, We live in Vancouver, I work here but my wife is on assignment in Qatar. We are planning a trip to get together. We were looking at the Azores, and thought it would be a great island to visit. However, we want to bike and/or hike and relax a bit on the beach. Is the weather on San Miguel or any other Azores island too wintery to hike/bike/swim in mid-November.
Thank you,

Rob's Reply
Hi Robert
Thanks for contacting me with your question.

It is generally cooler and damp in November with an average of 16 degrees Celsius. The water temperature will be about the same thanks to the gulf stream. I was there in late November 2009 and had many great days of hiking and a couple of days where I thought about swimming as the temperature reached 22-23 Celsius. The furthest I got was dipping my toes in while walking the beach.

I wrote a bit about the weather on that trip here:
Azores weather in November

I really don't cycle a lot, but can tell you that you would not be too cold to cycle, hike or walk the beaches.

In case you didn't see it, my favourite place to stay is Quinta das Acacias:
Accommodation in Azores
It is a great place for a couple looking for some privacy and a beach is in walking distance.

Hope that helps?


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