Corvo Island Pictures

Corvo Island is a tiny island on the northwest end of the azores archipelago. With a mere 400 inhabitants, a tiny runway right on the edge of the ocean, and small harbour, this little island is certainly quite remote, even by Azores Islands standards.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of this pretty little island.

A picture of Corvo Azores shoreCredit: Fernando Chaves

The picture above shows Wila Nova do Corvo, the only town on the island. The picture below is while heading to the neighboring island of Flores.

leaving Corvo, Azores. A beautiful pictureFrom Wikipedia

Taking off from the Corvo airportFrom Wikipedia

Inside the caldeira of Corvo AzoresFrom Wikipedia

The Beautiful Landscape of Corvo

The landscape of Corvo Island, in the Azores Credits: Associacao de Turismo dos Acores

A farmers home in Corvo IslandFrom Wikipedia

More pictures of Vila Nova do Corvo

a view of Vila Nova do Corvo and Flores Island in the backgroundCredits: Associacao de Turismo dos Acores.

Vila Novo do Corvo, AzoresFrom Wikipedia

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