Azores Sao Jorge

Enjoy these beautiful photos from the Azores, Sao Jorge Island

As you will see, the landscape of Sao Jorge island is covered in lush vegetation and there is steep mountainous terrain.

Sao Jorge Island landscape picture, Azorescredit: Associacao de Turismo dos Acores

Sao Jorge islandcredit: Associacao de Turismo dos Acores

Sao Jorge island landscape photocredit: Associacao de Turismo dos Acores

A picture of Porto das Velas in Sao Jorge Island

Porto das Velas, Sao Jorge AzoresCredit: Silveira

This is a picture of Faja de Vasco Martins, in Sao Jorge Azores. A Faja is a town on a small piece of land at the base of a cliff.

Faja de Vasco Martins, Azores Sao JorgeCredit: Luissilveira

Please read about Sao Jorge Island. Sao Jorge is a part of the central group of Azores Islands including Pico, Faial, Graciosa and Terceira.

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