Azores in February

The Azores in February? Why not? There's lots to do and see all year round when visiting any of the islands in this beautiful archipelago. Not only that, but the weather is very good in comparison to most northern climates in North America or Europe. So if you are from Canada, the Northern United States, or much of Europe, a vacation to this mid Atlantic treasure is well worth considering. Especially if you enjoy any of the following activities ...

  • Birding - The Azores is a popular vacation spot for bird watching.
  • Golf - Sao Miguel, and Terceira both have golf courses.
  • Hiking - each island has planty of of great hikes for all skill levels.
  • Surfing - with the warm gulf stream water, and winter producing 15 foot waves, this can be a viable spot for a winter surfing getaway.
  • Photography - love taking landscape photos? With lush vegetation, beautiful flowers, rugged coastal views, mountainous terrain, inland lakes and waterfalls, the Azores are a great choice for photographers wanting a vacation.
  • Scenic drives - With roads following the coast of the ocean, you'll love the views as you drive around.
  • Relaxing in cafes - every town has several restaurants and coffee shops to enjoy.
  • Horseback riding - there are several stables offering horseback riding.
  • Seeing Gardens - it seems like any plant will thrive in the Azores.

... then you should consider going this February.

Why Go This February?

Outside of the above reasons, the Azores in February is quite affordable. This is the low season so airfare and accomodation costs are quite low.

And the flight is fairly short from most of Western Europe and Eastern North America. the flight from Toronto is only 5.5 hours, and the flight from Boston is only 4 hours! It's even less from many parts of Europe.

If you live in Canada or the United States, the dollar is doing well against the Euro making this trip even more affordable in February 2012.

Where to Stay? Which Island to Visit?

My personal recommendation would be to visit Sao Miguel and stay at Quinta das Acacias. All of the islands have a lot to offer and are incredible in their own way. But Sao Miguel has more to see and do as it is the largest and most populous.

Quinta das Acacias is a beautiful property with six self catering cottages. The owners, Bonita and Eduino, live on site and are great hosts. They take great pride in the property and have created a private oasis on their spacious grounds. Read more about Quinta das Acacias, my recommended accommodation in Azores

Azores Weather

The weather isn't going to be hot like a Caribbean destination. But at a typical temperature in the mid to high fifties (55-60) with some days closer to 70 fahrenheit, this is a great place to get away from freezing temperatures at home.

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Azores in February

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