Visit the Capelas lookout in Sao Miguel, Azores

The Capelas Lookout in Sao Miguel is always a favourite place to stop and enjoy the view. In the summer it is a great spot to catch a bit of sun and enjoy the blue sky over the vast ocean. And in the winter it is a great spot to watch huge waves pound the rugged northern coastline.

Capelas is a small town on the north side of the island. It is great to visit the lookout there in the winter like we did on this November day in 2009. The lookout doesn't look like much from the road, but it is well worth the visit.

The look out is on a small piece of land that juts out into the ocean on top of a tall cliff. When you stand on it, high above the ocean, you can feel the waves pounding the coastline below. If you love watching waves, this is a great place to do it. I took a few pictures on my last stop there and hope you enjoy them.

This first view is looking straight out into the ocean. I prefer the view to the west (left). You'll see why in the pictures following this one

Capelas, Sao Miguel, Azores - November 2009

These next three pictures at the Capelas lookout in Sao Miguel show a couple of things: 1, just how tall the cliffs are (look at the houses for an idea); and 2, just how big the waves can be.

Capelas lookout, Sao Miguel, Acores

Quite often, when waves pound the cliff like this, you can feel the rumble where you stand. We sure could on this visit.

Capelas lookout in Sao Miguel, Acores

The yellow building in the background gives an idea of just how high the cliffs and waves are.

Capelas lookout

This next photo looks down and to the east side of the lookout. I hope the image conveys just how much power the waves are breaking against the cliff with.

Capelas Azores lookout

And finally, if you look directly east along the coastline, this is what you will see. It is worth driving down the road, the elevation drops to sea level and there are nice views of the ocean and a swimming pool that is filled by the ocean.

Capelas Acores lookout

This is one of many great spots in Sao Miguel Azores to stop and enjoy the view of the ocean as you explore the island.

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