Azores Hot Springs

The Azores hot springs are an incredible sight to see. The Furnas area of Sao Miguel is where hot springs are most notable.

The hot springs are easily recognized as you approach them because they are boiling water right in the ground with steam coming up. The steam is visible from quite a distance away and as you approach there is quite a sulfurous smell in the air. The first time I saw the hot springs in Furnas there was only a ring of rocks around each one. Now they have a low fence or rope around them keeping visitors a little further away. This provides better visibility of the inherent danger presented by these extremely hot springs.

Azores Hot Springs

The first time I took my daughter to the Azores she really enjoyed our visit to Furnas. I wrote about our visit there here: Furnas Azores Hot Springs

Another spot on Sao Miguel Azores where you can see a hot spring is at Caldeira Velha

Want to know more about the Azores? Visit the Magical Azores Islands home page for links and information about all of the Islands

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