Vegetarian Food in the Azores

Great website.
My wife's family is from Sao Miguel. They emigrated to the US in the early 1900s. Recently we have thought about spending some time there with the idea of perhaps retiring there one day. My wife and I have a healthy lifestyle which includes a predominantly vegetarian diet. We eat some fish, but we don't eat "junk food". So what I am writing to you about is the quality of the food in the grocery stores. Do they offer fresh, wholesome foods, whole grain breads, foods like tofu, etc. Are there health food stores? I don't know if you have answers to these questions, but I am interested in getting your impression on the state of the food scene in the Azores.

Thank you for your time and the helpful website.


Vegetarian Food in the Azores

Hi Michael,
Thank you for the compliment. Very much appreciated.

The diet in the Azores is primarily meat and carbohydrates. A side salad in most restaurants is usually a few pieces of lettuce with tomato.

But there are a few vegetarian restaurants in the Azores (Sao Miguel and Horta have them last I heard).

Not only that, but the supermarkets have lots of fresh produce, gluten free breads, and whole grain breads. And there are some health food stores too.

You will likely have a harder time with this in the Azores than you do wherever you are now. But it is getting better for vegetarians in the Azores.

I suggest going for a couple of weeks to see how it goes for you.

Hope that helps a little!

Rob Belchior

PS This is a link to a Trip Advisor review of a vegetarian restaurant in Ponta Delgada

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PPS see comments below for more info


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Mar 01, 2011
Vegetarian menus
by: Bonita

Good Rob,
I know of a few restaurants that will serve good tasting vegetarian meals. The Pavillon near Quinta das Acacias in village Pico do Fogo, O Colmeia at the Portas do Mar, O BAC Restaurante also advertises vegetarian in Ponta Delgada. There are others add vegetarian to their menus as well.

Note From Rob: Hi Bonita, thanks for adding that great information. Yet another reason why I recommend Quinta das Acacias!

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