U.S. Retiree looking for others considering relocation to the Azores. Anyone?

by Jayce

As a retired U.S. citizen with a genuine desire to live out my retired years surrounded by the glory of the Azores pristine, incredibly beautiful, natural environment, I face two nagging issues/questions:
(1) Will I become a financial victim of the USD to EURO foreign exchange rates over time?
(2) Are there any other U.S. retirees of a similar mindset reading this post and would they mind comparing notes? I'd feel much more comfortable taking on this relocation challenge if I had the company of a like-minded individual.
"Retired & Loving It"
Email me at SRQSpamCatcher A_T Gmail.
(You know how to correctly format the email address...)

Rob's Reply
Hi Jayce,
Thanks for visiing www.magical-azores-islands.com.

I really don't have the answer on the long term currency issues.

Hopefully you hear back from others thinking of the same idea. I know many people do it

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Jan 10, 2023
Several questions.
by: taj


My decision to move to Terceira is made, the question is when. So in checking out the various information sources, I still have a couple of questions. Maybe someone has some answers.

- Can a U.S. military retiree use the post office at Lajes? Can a retiree have a p.o. box?

- Are retirees restricted from buying certain items in the BX, commissary. Germany has ration-controlls in place for items like alcohol, coffee and the like. Was wondering if Lajes does too.

- Can retirees use the banking system on base?

- Are there restrictions on retirees using Space-A travel?

Well, I think that will do it for now. I am looking forward to my move and would like to be in contact with people in-the-know.

Best regards, ya'all...


Jan 21, 2020
Portuguese tax number NEW
by: Belinda

I am planning on retiring in Terceira. How do I get a Poruguese tax number? I have the paperwork ready to go, but have to wait til within 90 days of my move, which will not be till May or june. Can anyone help please?

Jul 20, 2019
Update 2019?
by: Azure Zahab

Looking for an update from those who have been living there for several years.
I can't imagine what could possibly cause regret, especially with the social climate of the states.
I'm not sure what I need to know, except how they are with religion, politics, and money on the islands... I've read that we can't work there, but can we start businesses?
Looks like we can buy homes and property... How about taxes, are there any taxes on living?

Jan 08, 2017
Where to start retirement relocation ?
by: maureen

Anyone who has been through this can they please give me info on where to start ?
Blogs? Websites ?

Aug 06, 2016
working in Azores
by: Rob

Hi Charles,

It would be a challenge to find work in the Azores if you were not a citizen. There may be a visa that you could obtain but I am not sure.


Jun 17, 2016
My wife and I would relocate.
by: Charles

My concern is the cost of living. My wife and I don't have a great deal of loot.

I don't think, not being a citizen of the Azores, working would be permitted.


Jun 01, 2016
Retiring to the Azores
by: Anonymous

I'm also a retiree wishing to move to the Azores, I am in Canada, this doesn't matter since the final destination is OUR goal.

Oct 29, 2015
Retiree living in the Azores
by: Bob H

As to question one, where ever we go it doesn't seem that our money goes far. I moved to the Azores when the exchange rate wasn't that great, but like all things the market changes with world events. As I write this response 1 Euro = 90 US cents. I don't find that I'm losing that much financially because my cost of living is low. My average monthly living expenses which include water, electric, cable, house & car insurance is 158 Euros. That doesn't include fuel or food. Just to not I do own my own house, but rent a nice home on the islands runs about 300-500 Euros. Many people here have their own gardens which helps your budget and a healthy life. Don't get me wrong there are items such as wood, gasoline, and paints, that are expensive because I live on an island and the cost of shipping raises their cost, but so are goods in Hawaii. I hope that helps with your question.

I would love to help you out in the future about some of my trails that we encountered moving to the Azores. I have been here almost a year and have not regretted it yet. Being retired military, I still have a few benefits, but they are fading fast with political disagreements. For example I get no medical or dental support from the base here at Lajes Field (Air Base 4). Remember, that this is a Portuguese installation with the US military joint occupying the base under Force Support agreement. So what I have done is not to rely on the base at all. Tricare does support retirees but all expenses are first out-of-pocket but I have to file for reimbursement. Over all it was a good move for me and my wife. Again, good luck.

Apr 22, 2015
Pet Travel
by: Bob

My dog Charlie traveled with me to the Azores. There is no quarantine unless you fail to fulfill entry requirements. In general, a microchip or tatoo, rabies and the distemper vaccinations are required. The rabies vaccine can be a one or three year current vaccine. Mine had to have a signature in blue ink. The FAVN Rabies Anti-boy test is not required at this time, although it could change. I also completed a Veterinary Certicate to EU, which is a 6 page document in English and Portuguese. I also had to complete an United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals (APHIS Form 7001). This must be sent to your local USDA for their stamp of approval. Mine was just a 2 hour drive so I called them and headed their way. Here's a helpful link.
I also had to ship Charlie through the airlines too. Each airline have they're own requirements. Make sure you follow their guidelines on pet carriers. Size of the carrier is VERY important. They must have metal screws for air transportation.
Do your research because this whole process is about timing. Hope this helps everyone.

Nov 22, 2014
I want to move to the azores
by: Caroline Sousa

I want to move to the azores. Can you give me any information? Your site excited me my email is Ragenhild65@gmail.com please reply

Jul 04, 2014
moving with dogs
by: Madaline

I want to move to either the Azores or Madeira. I have been to the Azores but not Madeira. I am wondering which has better weather.

I also have two dogs that would move with me. Does anyone know the laws on transporting dogs?

Thank You

Sep 09, 2013
C ost of living
by: Frank

I am also looking to retire and was wondering on average what the cost of living would be monthly? Ball park figure is all I need.

Sep 06, 2013
Follow up comments
by: Rob - magical-azores-islands.com

Kyle - Americans are quite welcome!

Jayce - sorry you didn't hear back from the anonymous poster. I was curious too.

I have enjoyed staying at a small cottage in Faial. I wrote about it here: https://www.magical-azores-islands.com/Accommodation-in-Azores-Faial.html

Hope that helps!


Aug 02, 2013
That was a great teaser on May 8th, 2013
by: Jayce

In the 5/8/2013 post Anonymous writes about their house -> "Life on Faya;l NEW by: Anonymous"

I've not received any direct contact from Anonymous via the obfuscated email I provided in the original post. If they come back to read this thread of comments I'd be interested in hearing more specifics about the property if it's for sale! I'm in the market...

Aug 02, 2013
Retiring in the Azores
by: Kyle Holloway

Starting to research relocation and retirement in the Azores. I see the weather is perfect! Are Americans welcome? Is there
An issue with attaining a permanent residence in the Azores?

May 08, 2013
Life on Faya;l
by: Anonymous

I own a home on Fayal in the Norte Pequeno area which is lovely and very peaceful. the few neighbors are wonderful people and helpful. My house is located more than a a football field (200 yds or less?) and there is a cliff area so one doesnt worry about waves or flooding. The cliff is about 80p feet high. The view is marvelous. A friend owns a house right across the small lane and is more than decent and friendly to all. He is American, as am I. My house is four room, two story and recently built.All that is lacking at this ;point is electric power, but a decent generator would be fine. Life there is excellent and the food and fruits are as others claim. I have been thinking about selling because of my god sons in California whose ages are young and might wish me to spend more time there, but I am not anxious to sell as this is a fine house and place.

Sep 18, 2012
Also looking at relocation.
by: DarcyFL

Although it will be a few years before I retire from my government job, I am interested in retiring to the Azores also. I'm interested in any info you may find out, specially, visa, real estate, foreigner rules, dual citizenship, language hurdles, etc.

Aug 03, 2011
Health Care
by: Sue

Ola. I am a nurse and was recently stationed at Lajes. First of all, the Azorean culture is wonderful, the fresh fruits, vegetables are fantastic. The Azorean people are generous.
Just a few things to think about if retiring on Terceira. If you plan on using the military health care system, there are a few things you should know. The clinic at Lajes sees retirees on a space available basis, there is no emergency room on base. All emergencies are referred to Angra do Heroismo Hospital. There is a new hospital being built so that is good. There are no specialists on base, so you will be referred to the local health system. They are more than qualified. However, there are very few specialists and they generally service several islands making appointments hard to come by. Good luck, I wish the best!

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