Terceira Azores Churches

The churches in Terceira Azores are all quite attractive and are the central part of each community. Each of them have large squares out front for social gatherings and most are located on a high point on the main road. It is clear that each church has played an integral part of the community it is located in. Have a look at the pictures below to see the main churches in several communities around the island

Vila Nova
Vila Nova Church Terceira

Agualva Church Terceira

Altares Church Terceira

Raminho Church Terceira

Serretta Church Terceira

Doze Ribeiras
Doze Ribeiras, Terceira

Cinco Ribeira
Cinco Ribeira

Sao Mateus
Sao Mateus Church

This is just a small sample of the many churches serving this island of 21,000 people. There are many more not pictured, especially in Praia da Vitoria and Angra do Heroismo

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