Santa Maria Azores Pictures

These pictures from Santa Maria Azores should should give you an idea of what the island is like. I hope it goes without saying that you really do have to see each of the Azores Islands to fully appreciate them.

I'll start with the beautiful bay of Sao Lourenco, in the parish of Santa Barbara

Sao Lourenco bay in Santa Maria Azores
Photo by Ruben JC Furtado

Sao Lourenco beach in Santa Maria Azores
Photo by Luissilveira

Sao Lourenco
photo by by Carlos Luis M C da Cruz

Praia formosa

Praia Formosa Santa Maria
Ruben JC Furtado

Vila do Porto (western half)

Vila do Porto
Ruben JC Furtado

The village of Santa Barbara, secluded in a valley, Santa Maria Island, Azores

village of Santa Barbara
Ruben JC Furtado

Goncalo Velho LighthouseLighthouse at Goncalo Velho in Santa Maria Azores
by Carlos Luis M C da Cruz

Civil parish of São Pedro, along the coast of Santa Maria Island, Azores

Sao Pedro, Santa Maria Azores
Ruben JC Furtado

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