O Avião, Rua Comandant Jaime Sousa nr 14, Ponta Delgada

by Mike O'Doherty
(Lübeck, Germany)

Tucked away in a side street in the part of town housing many government departments but still close to the center, there's more to O Avião than meets the eye. High-school students, collar-and-tie people, farmers shopping in town and tourists alike share the outside, the inside and the patio section right inside for just coffee and cakes, a beer or a complete meal. Every day (Monday to Saturday) 2 standard dishes (different every day) are offered at lunchtime and at prices below those of the à la carte menue.

If you are looked after by Fernando - a small man but "part of the furniture", as it were - you'll be in very good hands. Inside, you cannot fail to see an image of an old SATA airplane done in tiles. This gave the restaurant its name O Avião - the aeroplane/ airplane.

Mike O'Doherty, Lübeck, Germany.

Note from Rob
Hi Mike, thanks for the review! I also thank you for the two private notes you sent through the comment form. I am going to send you an email direct as well.

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