my visit to the Azores

by Larry Oldfield
(Elyria Ohio USA)

First Flight to the Azores

Way back in 1954 during my US army time I left NY on a MATS plane (military air transport plane) bound for Rhine Maine air base in Germany and then on to Meriqnac air base outside of Bordeaux France.

We landed on one of the Azore islands to refuel. My first thought looking down on the islands was "how in the heck are they going to land this big plane on an island that looks about the size of a postage stamp" from up in the air ... upon leaving from an airbase in New Jersey it was freezing cold and snowing. While in the Azores I didn't have much time other to eat and look around a bit ... it was December and I remember it was raining and warm ... Being from northeastern Ohio and not used to warm in December ... I thought "boy a guy could get used to this". But all too soon it was time to board the plane again. From what I remember it was a beautiful place even 55 yrs ago

Rob's Note: Hi Larry, thanks for your note!

I think 55 years ago you would have landed on Faial. Thankfully the airstrips are bigger than they were some 55 years ago (so I am told). But I know what you mean, the islands are so tiny from the air!

My dad emigrated to Canada in 1958 from the Azores, that was the first time he ever saw snow! I'll take that Azores weather in December over our weather any time!

Have you ever thought of going back Larry?

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May 13, 2010
Thanks Frank
by: Rob B

Hi Frank, I think you are correct. Now I question why I wrote Faial!

Thanks for the compliment about the site. I am having a great time working on it

May 13, 2010
Note on Faial Airport
by: Frank P.

Rob you mention in your note to Larry.."55 years ago you would have landed in Faial" probably incorrect. Larry most likely landed at Lajes Air Force Base in Terceira where there is a large American presence...or perhaps Santa Maria.I believe the airport in Faial opened around 1971-72.
By the way congratulations! good job on the web site..realy well done and very informative..beautiful photos also

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