Living the good life.

Hi Rob,
I'm so relieved to find a blog on the Azores that seems to be the answer to this man's prayers.Shortly to retire I'm looking for a place to have my own little smallholding(and I mean small), just an acre or so. Is this a possibility in the Azores? Are there specialised agents dealing with this sort of property, and would you be kind enough to point me in the right direction?
I'm English, but have a great affection for the Portuguese people, particularly those who helped me in my early days in Africa. I've looked at Madeira as a place to retire, but the Azores seem to have so much more to offer me.
Kind regards,


Rob's reply
Hi Peter
Thanks for your contact.

The Azores would be an excellent place to retire to. And you can get an acre of land.

In a case like this, I always suggest connecting with my friends, Bonita and Eduino. They own a lovely property in Sao Miguel and are property managers as well. I recommend that you visit the islands and stay at their cottage: Quinta das Acacias. From there you can explore the island and make connections (they can introduce you to realtors). They lived in Canada for many years and speak excellent english.

Check them out at: Accommodation in Azores

I also have a cousin who is a lawyer there. I can refer you for additional connections if you like.

Hope that helps a little?

Best Regards
Rob Belchior

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Aug 26, 2015
by: Christopher R. McDonald

I think Azores is the beautiful place to live.

Feb 19, 2012
A prayer answered !!!
by: Peter

Hi Rob,
Thanks for all the info. Now I have a sound base for future plans. My plan is to visit in July/August .......... I'll let you know exact dates later.
Again my thanks for the information, I look forward to meeting you.


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