Life Threatening Food Allergies

by Filo
(Mississauga, ON, Canada)

We are planning a family vacation next summer to Sao Miguel my birthplace. Our son has life threatening food allergies to peanuts, nuts and shellfish and carries epipens. I can speak some Portuguese but am concenred with how familiar restaurants and people in general are with this type of severe allergy. Do you think that restaurants will be able to accommodate this and understand the risks of cross-contamination? Will I have any trouble with food labels in grocery stores?

Also we are thinking 1 week on Sao Miguel then 3-4 days on Pico with a day trip to Faial. Does this sound reasonable? I have not been back in 20 years and this will be my families first time. 2 boys ages 13 and 15.

thanks so much, your website is excellent!!

Severe Food Allergies

Hi Filo
It's wonderful that you are going back. It should be a great trip.

I am very hesitant to give an opinion on this as I am quite ignorant about this subject. I have not experienced your concern.

My feeling is that many restaurants will understand and accommodate. Perhaps you need to write a note in Portuguese as well, just in case.

Again, not having paid attention, I believe there is good labeling on the products in the grocery stores. Especially since they are a part of the European Union.

I am hoping that a more informed reader will comment.

Your travel plans sound very reasonable. The one concern is that there is not a major hospital on Pico.

All the best

Rob Belchior

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Aug 26, 2011
Food Allegies
by: Bonita Sousa

Good morning Rob,
I love your website. It helps us learn more to help our guests have everything they need to enjoy their vacation to the fullest.
Food allergies has been a concern to one of my past guests from Canada. What they found was that the restaurantes can be good but allergies is not a deep concern on the islands. The people do not always understand the seriousness of the problems of crossing foods or using the utensil from one food to another. The restaurants cook very much like Mom would in the kitchen at home. Our guests opted to buy their groceries and cook at their cottage as much as possible and their son had no reactions. They recommend this as the best precaution to all people with allergies. reactions. Hopely this helps!

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