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Hi Rob,

Thank you for the informative and easy to navigate website.

We are traveling to the Azores and have some flexibility with the duration of our trip. Can you help us decide how long to stay in each island to get a good flavor. Days, overnight, single day visit? I see you mention Terciera Azores and San Miguel for a first trip. Any others? We would like to whale watch, swim with dolphins, see sea turtles; do we need to book these trips ahead of our visit (late August?) We are also history and art buffs.

Rob's Reply
Hi there
Terceira and Sao Miguel would be the two islands to consider for a first trip. I'd give a slight edge to Sao Miguel as it is the largest and most diverse in terms of offering.

I spend most of my time in Sao Miguel, and a week is never quite a enough there. Most of the islands require at least three days stay to get any sense of what the islands offer. I suppose you could get away with just a day on Flores, Corvo, Graciosa and Santa Maria as they are all smaller islands.

Angra do Heroisimo in Terceira, and Ponta Delgada in Sao Miguel offer a lot of history. The buildings themselves are wonderful.

You should be able to book the excursions you mention when you arrive. Go down to the marina's, or tourist offices, or ask at your hotel on the best place to book.

Back to duration of your stays, I recommend just getting to 2-3 of the islands for your first trip. Otherwise you won't be able to savour the true Azores experience of slowing down, taking in the scenery, and enjoying a simpler life.

Thanks for your question. Feel free to comment for any other info.

Rob Belchior

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