by Johan
(Hamme, Belgium)

Faial da Terra - Salto do Prego

Faial da Terra - Salto do Prego

Hi, we're going to Sao Miguel early September and since we are nature photographer's, I would ask you where to look for stunning landscapes (= not visually polluted by mankind), and some little mountain rivers with waterfalls. I have the normal touristic info, but I'm sure that you know some places aside that.
Your website gives us a huge amount of information of all kind, thank you for that.

Rob's Reply
If you want some places a bit outside of the normal tourist spots, I suggest the following:

- Salto do Prego water fall in Faial da Terra - only available by a 5km round trip hike ( PRC9SMI)

Praia da Viola - This is another hike, this time along the North coast (PR27SMI - Praia da Viola). Also about 5km

Lagoa do Fogo - this is on all the tourist recommendations, but it is a protected natural reserve with no development at all. If you are in good shape, you can also hike down into the lake area from one of the lower lookouts for pictures that few get.

Ponta do Cintrao - This is on the maps but not many make the effort to get there as it is a bit out of the way. It is through Riberinha (near Ribeira Grande) and features gorgeous coastal views that I didn't do just to in the attached picture.

Serra da Tronqueira - there is an inland road from Nordeste to Povoacao. it is a high elevation and through uninhabited terrain (there is some logging there in certain areas). Take a drive through (about 20km) on a clear day. It's no fun in the fog!

Two area's to drive 1. Take a drive from Relva all the way around the coast to Mosteiros and then on to Capelas. You'll discover some great places to stop and photograph. 2. Do the same along the North Coast, east of Ribeira Grande. Get off the main highway and onto the old highway and you will find some great spots. Both trips are at least a half day if you make stops.

Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head.

Please share some of your pictures when you come back!


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