info on ancestors

by John Medeiros
(Camarillo CA usa)

my grandfather returned to Capelas from Fall River MA after my grandmother died in the 50s. I would like to get all info about him where he lived and so on.

Rob's Reply
Hi John,
A few of my family members have been researching our own family history in the Azores. It is a time consuming process. To find information they have been visiting the library in Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel) as well as the local town church (in your case, the church in Capelas).

There is also a man, David Holmes, who I am aware does some of this family research. I do not know him personally but here is his website address:

and to hire him

I spent a little time searching for other resources and these two appear credible:


Hope that helps you a little.

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