I was stationed in the azores in the 80s

by Theresa chilton

I was stationed in the Azores in 1988 to 1992 And i really enjoyed my stay there there was so much to see and do and it was a beautiful place to stay the people were so friendly and made a lot of friends that i keep in touch with today the summers there were great we would go to the beaches and tour the island the bull fights you cant forget those i had a bull come threw my house and out the back door they had to get him out it took a while but its a experience i will never forget the fishing spots are all over even the ones where no one can bother you off the beaten path the weather was so nice it beats the cold and snow i am planning to return hopefully to visit my friends and enjoy the Azores once more.

Rob's Reply Hi Theresa, thanks for your comments. You likely know Terceira better than I do (I am assuming you were on the US Airbase on the island).

You should go back. It's as peaceful and remote as ever, with some more modern amenities added.

All the best
Rob Belchior

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