God is alive and Well

by Brenda Vargas
(Innerkip, Ont. Canada)

1997 I had the amazing experience of going to the Azores. Recently married to a gentleman from Pico. We landed in Sao Miquel and well...the salt air, the warm breeze, the luxious beauty of the hillsides and unique places like Furnus. My sister-in-law's backyard view was breath taking! What a variety of greens and well, I just can't describe the feeling that came over me as I looked in awe from one end to the other. I felt so small in the magnatude of what laid before me. Then on to Pico. Mt. Pico standing there in all her glory. The hills and the stone walls deviding property. When I gazed into the hillside I couldn't help but think of the love, swet and tears it must have taken these men of years ago to put up those walls to protect their property, grapes, bananas. Then down at the Fonte, the roar of the powerful waves hitting the gigantic rocks...God's power, God's beauty in the hills and flowers that lined the roads, His peace when I would check out Mt. Pico from the backyard, standing there with pinkish colored clouds wrapped around part of it as if holding her safe til morning. My ears would perk up as evening fell and the "fishing birds" would start with their singing as they flew over the water looking for fish. not sure how to spell their name but they look something like our seagulls here in Ontario. There is something about the air, you can walk forever and yet seems different than walking here. People are so friendly, I have never said good morning or afternoon to so many people that I didn't know as I did over there. The people just can't do enough for you and I think it is a 'kick in the pants' when a Canadian tries to communicate with them, even though it doesn't come out right. I really feel they appreciate my effort. I have been back several times and I am so thankful to God that I am blessed to be able to go with my husband Nov. 1 for 6 months. To anyone reading this and have never been before I really have only one sad thing to say about the Azores....it is when you have to get on the plane and go home. That is a bit of the way I feel. Thanks for coming along and I hope you could sense my love for these Islands especially Pico, that is 'home' to me.

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