Flying To The Azores August 17th, 2013.Need Some Advice Please.

by Mark Montagne
(Arizona City, Arizona .United States)

Hello Everyone, I`m a 53 Y.O. guy from Arizona, USA, I`m flying to Ponta Delgada August 17th, I plan on living on the Azore Islands until Dec-22nd where upon I`m flying back to Minnesota,USA to spend time with family, I seen that Name Removed at REMAX on the Azores had a lot of rentals between $450-$600 Euros per month but when I inquired about them he seemed more interested in selling me something, Nice guy though,I have traveled to some neat places around the globe, have been single now for 13 yrs, my kids are all grown up and being a merchandise broker now for 20 years its easy for me to live somewhere abroad for 4-6 months "with a good high speed internet service" and then back in the states for rest of the time, The Azores has been on my "To Do" list for sometime now, Need advice on living there, Apartment or House Rental, is there an affordable way to rent a vehicle for transportation? I have an international Drivers License, Does Skype work there? I need very good communications to run my business, I have an international service plan with Skype but when I called a friend who is Azoran, I was charged for the call, I`m with Verizon here in the states as far as my cell phone service, I would also like to join a local Gym . I'm also a fisherman, Love to catch fresh fish for supper, advice on what Island may suit me best, Maybe São Miguel to start with? Santa Maria or Pico looks very interesting too? Actually all of them look very nice. I would love to live close to a Marina, have boated most of my life. Until I sell some of my Real Estate in Arizona,I can`t live "Too High On The Hog" as we say but maybe if its the right situation I might splurge a little more. Anyway, I have enjoyed reading your Blog now for sometime, its always interesting and fun to read! Thanks, Mark Montagne.

Reply from Rob
Hi Mark,
Thanks for your message. I'm sure you will have a great time in the Azores. Summer is a little tougher to find accommodation, but I always suggest contacting Quinta das Acacias in Sao Miguel as they are people I know quite well and trust. Speaking of Skype, I know they use it quite a bit.

Vehicle rental can get a bit expensive over the long term. So you might want to shop around once you are there. There are quite a few places to choose from.

So Miguel has a lot to offer as it is the largest and the most populated. Pico is great too. And a fair number of Americans live there. You might also contact Zelda at Os Salgueiros (a Faial Accommodation) which is close to Pico. I think Zelda has good connections for properties in Faial and Sao Miguel

This is kind of a quick, off the cuff reply. I'll see if I can come up with other suggestions

Best Regards - Rob Belchior

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Sep 24, 2013
by: Mark Montagne

Thanks Glee for the info, I rented a nice house in Batalha, only 15 minutes from Ponta Delgada, I set up my office in the house and have been running my USA based business from here, I arrived Aug-18th and had planned on staying until Feb-1st but the answer I got from the Immigration was very vague so I may spend Nov in Spain until Feb, here`s the email they sent me below, its hard to commit to anything , car rental or renting the house longer if your uncertain of your Visa request extension.

Rui Medeiros
Aug 21

to me
Dear Sir

Answering to your question: Foreign citizens who have been admitted in national territory in the terms of the Immigration Law and wish to remain in the Country for a period which exceeds that originally permitted may get a prorogation of permanence if the conditions that grounded the admission of the foreign citizen are still in place. Up to 90 days, with the possibility of prorogation for another 90 day period, if the applicant holds a short stay visa, or has been admitted into the Country without any visa, what is your case.
Its advisable that the applications for permanence prorogation should be done at SEF (Portuguese Immigration Service) a week before the end of the initial 90 days period.

Best Regards


Sep 24, 2013
Hey Rob!
by: Glee

You might want to come back Azores (or have some friends going), be sure to check out Vila Franca do Ocampo. Surfing, body boarding, windsurfing, water skiing, jet skiing, sailing, kayaking, kite surfing, boating, diving some of the most virgin locations in the world, whale watching, swimming with dolphins, and spelunking are some of the available options in the island, and all these will be just right outside of the doorstep of one of the Most Incredible Unit in Azores. This got more pictures that will fascinate you!!

Jul 27, 2013
by: Mark Montagne

Thanks Rob! I`ll check into your suggestions and see what I come up with, I fly out 3 weeks from today, thanks for your help! Mark.

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