Faial ~ Where my heart lives.....

by Telma Maria
(Portsmouth, R.I. USA)


My name is Telma Maria. I was born in Horta, Faial. My parent's Immigrated to America in 1969. I have been there twice since we have moved here. I have to say that even though we are now American Citizens and live in America, something happens to an immigrant when they see their beloved Island. There is a deep pain and sadness. There is a part of us that was left behind. It is hard to explain, but those that feel it... know just what I am talking about. It is easy for people to say, "why don't you just move back?" It is not as simple as they may think. Especially if one now has a family and roots have been put down. Don't get me wrong, I am happy to live in America and thank my parents for taking a risk.. moving to a Country, not knowing the language, searching for a "better" life for them and their children is just amazing to me. But, still a photo of Faial makes me wonder just could have been???

Thank you for sharing your vision and photos of the Acores. You have a wonderful website... keep up the good work!!

Telma Maria

Rob's Reply
Hi Telma,
I think you are experiencing "saudades". This a feeling of longing for something that you might never be able to have or something (or someone) that you have lost.

I was born in Canada, and love Canada very much, but I do miss the Azores between trips there.

And I do have to say that Faial is a lovely island.

All the best
Rob Belchior
Magical Azores Islands

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