Enjoying the 'iron' hot springs in colder months

by John
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Dear Rob,

I'm considering my first trip to the Sao Miguel in January 2014. I don't mind the cooler temps but would like to enjoy the 'iron' hot springs/baths in Furnas and other places. Are the outdoor baths open year round?

If I go in February do you think the weather would be warmer and less rainy than in January? Is it also windy?

Rob's Reply:
Hi John, when I have been there in January / February, the hot springs in Furnas have been open. January or February weather won't be too different from each other. Expect cold, damp, rainy weather, and if you get sun, you'll be presently surprised.

Sorry, not a lot of help! You could confirm with Bensuade hotels in advance as they have a property right at Terra Nostra Park in Furnas
Regards - Rob Belchior

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