Biscoitos, Terceira, Azores

Biscoitos is a small seaside village known for its vineyards and natural rock swimming pools popular with sun bathers and swimmers. If you are travelling on the North side of Terceira you should take the time to drive down by the coast as it is a pretty area to take in.

One of the appealing aspects is the vineyards. Vineyards in the Azores are quite unique as grapes are grown among rock walls which help attract and retain heat to help the grapes along. Not only that, but they offer a degree of protection from the spray of the nearby ocean. This picture will give you an idea

Grapes in Biscoitos

On the opposite side of the street from the vineyards is the swimming area and the parking for that swimming area. Between the parking and the natural swimming pools are some small shops pictured here:

Swimming area and shops

The primary attraction of the natural rock poos are the opportunity to sunbathe and swim among the rocks. There is a nice combination of shelter from the waves of the ocean and warmth from the sun heating the rocks

Biscoitos swimming area

Biscoitos Terceira swim area

After relaxing in the water and getting some sun, there is a conveniently located beach cafe

Beach bar and cafe

In addition to the vineyards and the swimming area, there are great views of the coast in the area.

One interesting feature in the spot where I took this picture of the coast was a trench prepared in World War Two. It is in perfect condition and really intrigued me. There is a sign explaining that it was made in the fear that the war would come to the Azores

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