Best Time to Visit

by Mycala
(PA - USA)

I was on Terceira in 1978-1979 while in the Air Force and it has been my lifelong dream to return. (I am sure it has changed immensely!) When would be the best time of the year to go - we can only go between October and April...what month would be best?? We plan to stay about 3 weeks and see as many of the islands as possible. Any advice?? Also, when I was there, I met several young ladies - I am female and had been a teacher, so the 10-12 year olds gravitated to my house!! - and would like to contact them just to see how they are doing. Have photos and first names and knew the street they lived on back then but nothing more. Any suggestions?
Thank you! Enjoy your publication very much.

Mycala Kaczorowski

Rob's Reply
Hi Mycala,
October - April is the season with the most rain. I would aim for October if I were you.

Three weeks will be great. You will find it more enjoyable if you stick to just a few islands, instead of trying them all. Weather can impact travel plans so leave a few days between inter island flights.

Obviously you will want to spend the most time in Terceira. If you spend time in your old town, I imagine you find some old friends who are still there!


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Nov 15, 2011
was a kid in 78-79
by: Anonymous

makes me wonder if i know you i was there form 75 to 80 went to k and 1st there my brother was 2 years ahead of me my dad was stationed there the one thing i remember about living there rainy or not always seemed like beautiful days looking at google maps and i cant find my old house looks like they may have took it down but i lived across from the Portuguese guard station back in 78 i miss it lots my mom is Portuguese so i get to talk of the old days alot one day ill go back my godmother is going to sao jorge where she has a house this Friday. well ty for the memories.

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