Azores Hiking in Faial da Terra

Faial da Terra offers some excellent Azores Hiking. I highly recommend the hike to Salto do Prego waterfall. The path is well used and well marked. But there is a significant change in elevation over the hike of several kilometers. An experienced hiker will have no problems, and inexperienced hikers should be okay as long as they are in good shape and are well prepared.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of a few highlights from the hike:

Salto do Prego Waterfall

There is much to see along this hike. Our goal was to get to Salto do Prego waterfall and have lunch just about it. So this was the halfway point for our hike. It was a warm summer day and we thought about swimming, but the water was very cold so we didn't.

Salto do Prego waterfall

Salto do Prego Waterfall - azores hiking

Sanguinos Village

High above the town of Faial da Terra is Sanguinos. It is accessible only by foot. There are about 20 houses there but most have been abandoned for some time. There are a few houses that are well kept and lived in, but they are the exception.

Hiking in Sanguinos

Hiking in Sanguinos

Hiking in Sanguinos

Pictures Along the Way

Hiking in Azores

Azores Hiking

Azores Hiking

The trail is basically a loop. This is about the halfway point. To get to the waterfall you actually join another trail for a short period.

Azores Hiking

This is the view of Faial da Terra as we came back down to the town. It was quite steep and actually a little tough on the legs after a few hours of hiking:

Azores Hiking Faial da terra

This hike took us a few hours at a leisurely pace and including stopping for lunch. I recommend doing it if you enjoy hiking. Be sure to follow safety precautions (let someone know where you are going, stick to the trail, and bring food and water). Read more about Azores Hiking

This hike at Faial da Terra is in Sao Miguel Azores.

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