Sata Air Azores - Flights to all the Islands

Sata Air Azores is the main air carrier serving the Azores Islands. Their roots go all the way back to 1941. The official name is actually Sata Air Acores but English speaking people use the "Z" instead of the "C". This airline is part of Grupo Sata which includes seven companies.

Sata is a state owned company. The Regional Government of the Azores has owned the airline since 1980. Since this time the airline has grown substantially and are well known as a modern company with good service.

Sata Air Acores has daily flights to and from each of the nine islands in the archipelago. In most cases there are several flights to and from each island each day. In some cases it will require a stop over or transfer to go from one island to another.

The rates to fly within the islands are not unreasonable making it possible to visit more than one island if you are traveling to the Azores for a week or longer.

Sata Air Azores parent company Sata International provides flights to the Azores Click the link for more information on Acores flights

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