Accomodation in Azores (Sao Miguel)

Until further notice I have removed links to this accommodation. It used to be an accommodation in Sao Miguel Azores that I recommended without hesitation. It is a serene, tranquil setting with plenty of space to relax. During the day there is much to see on the grounds and at night there are a lot of stars to enjoy.

Note that many of these pictures are a quite a number of years out of date.

Quinta grounds and sculpture

When you spend time on the grounds you will notice a calm and quiet feel thanks to all the open space occupied only by gardens and trees. You will notice the chirping of birds and almost no other noise. It is a great place to relieve stress, slow down, and use as your home front as you explore Sao Miguel Azores.

Quinta sculpture on lawn

Most of the pictures here are from November 2009 and at that time I said "The grounds at the Quinta are like a living piece of art. And it is no wonder as they are maintained by an artist at heart (all of the sculptures are by Eduino). It seems as though there is always something in bloom there and that the landscaping is immaculate." Here is a small sampling of pictures from November 2009:

Parts of the Grounds

Azores quinta grounds 2

Azores Quinta grounds

Azores garden iron ball

Azores garden grass

Quinta Grounds lower level


Some of the Cottages

Azores Quinta cottage

Green cottages

A Quinta Das Acacias Cottage


Azores Quinta sculpture

Azores sculpture in garden

Azores sculpture on lawn


Some Flowers and Plants at the Quinta in November

Azores pink plant

Pink flower

Purple and yellow flowers

Quinta hydrangea

Quinta odd plant

Azores red flower

Azores cactus

Azores purple plant

red hot poker at quinta

Magical Azores Islands home

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